About lags with cheat And reselling

Hello cheat users, today I would like to write that the cheat works stably and does not kill fps at 0 for powerful computers, everything is not so bad on weak computers, but even you will not run csgo at 70 fps on weak computers (I did not succeed but 60 frames were stable with cheat). I want to remind you that your lua may not be optimized (like: | if not … then return end | - and so many times on one function, although once is enough). Who will have problems with fps with this particular cheat, I advise you to look at your windows settings and completely disable antivirus (not like only 3 press and antivirus disabled, but same time moment: work farewall, scanning system and CPU Isolation (need turn off).
THX for reading and lost time.

About resellers (i can resell with tf2 keys if other reseller cant answer (Reseller) or (Reseller) find me on official discord server spirthack or aimware-letgo#6549 (online 3 days in week))