about the trust factor issue

It lowers my trust factor instantaneous or takes time i bought a new acc because of my low trust on the other one

Hi! The developer knows the issue and will fix it in the next update.

Is there anything else we could help with?

it was a quesion about how fast it lowers my trust factor exemple:just injecting or playing 1-2 games

If you’re config is legit, it shouldn’t really do much at all. But if there is any problems. The developer would fix this.

I dont think there is an issue related to application
I couldnt get it why you keep saying “developer knows the issue”
from the first day i till the now have never experienced low trust factor issue.
I think people just dont know how to use “cheetos”

no sir it is the issue of the cheat , i got 2 accounts to red trust factor on a legit config and also i never used the cheat on my main account and now thatt account has also got red trust factor

i think that you just copy ur other replyes if u want i cand send my legit cfg to see that there is no problem with it if u are really that ‘smart’ and it s not from reports because i know how to hide the cheat and i didnt get reported

Hi, it will be fixed in the next update.

Please try making your configs more legit.

Thanks! Take care, please make another post if you require further assistance or have any questions.