Active videos Min/Weekly

My channel has been showcasing free cheats for a while now but I’m hoping to get accepted for a sponsorship. I already have an active subscription but I’m hoping to get it renewed as long as I keep making videos. I know I don’t have 500 subscribers but I get active vuewers and comments. My channel has skyrocketed (around 20 subs per video uploaded) so I think I’ll reach 500 in no time. Here is what I’m willing to do, please read all the way through:

Make a video showcasing spirthack with a voice and not lame text. My content is english but I also reach alot of finnish users. I will showcase features that I think are unique and got me buying the cheat which I believe my viewers will enjoy aswell.

Minimum Weekly Videos Showcasing/Playing using spirthack in english language.

Link my spirthack configuration and actively update it to encourage the viewers to purchase the cheat.

Actively answer questions about your cheat in my comment section.

Link your Forum in the description in every single one of my videos even if it isn’t related to spirt at all.

Promote my spirthack videos in my 2 discord servers with nearly. One with 100 members and another one with 50 members.

If there is anything more you need, please contact me on my discord Arkku/Musaz#0704. If you cannot add me, please reply with your discord tag since I most likely have changed my discord name.

YouTube link:

Sorry but we decided to reject you, you’ll be able to try again when you reach the 500 subs