Hi, no ETA for when PayPal will be back.

Please try another payment method. Thanks!

how much can you repeat the same formula? every topic is the same still getting me form of payment why lose customers? I would also pay with paypal at the beginning I thought he would be back in a month but the same formula from SIX MONTHS !!! better to buy another cheat because paypal will NEVER come back

Hi again! Hope you’re doing well.

PayPal is unavailable to business reason and some disagreements with PayPal themselves. It would not be legal for us to bring it back without discussing it with PayPal or sorting it out some way.

If you’re old enough, you should be able to use one of our other available payment methods; I.e a credit card or debit card.

Glad I could clear some things up! Please let me know if there’s anything else I could help with.

Kind Regards.

I don’t have a credit card. Why can’t I add payments with skins or paysafecard?

instead of swiping TOS and adding official resellers like lunacheats (it no longer exists), on all sides there are only useless Russian payments which you will not pay anywhere except Russia and a credit card that not everyone has instead of opening up to resellers, you have been writing the same for a year formulas

Hi again! Unfortunately we do not support these payment methods.

Please, try another payment method.

Is there anything else I could help you with?

DO NOT HAVE A CREDIT CARD and all other payment methods are NOT SUPPORTED in Poland and you write back with the same formulas

Hi, what do you want us to say?

I’d like you to do something about the payments so that I could buy a spirthack, for example

  • they added official resellers
  • they added for example a payment using skins / PSC
    for sure many people, like me, can only pay with paypal and paypal can be exchanged for skins / PSC

sorry for the unpleasant replies

They aren’t unpleasant, don’t worry, we can understand the frustration. But there’s really no ETA for when PayPal will be back.

However, reselling is against our ToS due to other reasons.
You could use another card if you need to. As long as you have permission.