Brutally Honest Spirthack Review

Please Keep in Mind These Are My First Impressions

tbh I wrote this a week ago and I might have forgotten some features but I’ve been super busy ;/

1) Menu & Visuals

At first, the menu was quite difficult to find your way around. This is due to there not being any labelled tabs, so everything is just mashed together however after a while you kind of get used to it so it’s not that bad I guess but I guess that’s why there is a search function which has been incredibly helpful. Overall the menu is quite visually appealing and very unique. I really like the animations, even if they are really subtle. Even if it is sometimes confusing it’s nice to see something that isn’t trying to be another cheat.

The visuals in this cheat are quite good overall, offering more customisation than most other cheats. I really like how you can move the ESP indicators around and change the size. However the font of the ESP can sometimes be quite difficult to read, so most of the time I had to just look for the colour of the indicator to see what they were doing. One thing I would like to see is a live chams preview like what they have in Neverlose however since this cheat is only $5 I can’t really complain. Speaking of chams, there is a decent amount of materials to pick from but the hidden chams have a little too much alpha.

Overall I would give the menu/visuals 7/10 - Good but not great.

*A small message for MrAmped - In Visuals\World you spelt Purchased as Purchashed.

2) Aimbot & Legit Anti-Aim

Now I’m not going to be speaking about the rage settings purely because I use other cheats for rage and this is a legit cheat. So if you want rage go get invited to Neverlose.
The aimbot in this cheat is a little confusing to set up at first but once you get it going it’s quite nice, however, the smoothing isn’t that great. The smoothing on a standing target is actually pretty good however if they are moving you’re just going to have shoot backtrack, personally, I’m not too bothered because I don’t like using aimbot. A big issue which I must highlight has nothing to do with the aimbot itself, just the menu. On the Legitbot tab sometimes you can only config for global settings because the dropdown doesn’t really want to work.

The legit anti-aim isn’t really that good. When you enable it you slowly slide to the right so I don’t really like to use it.

Overall I would give the aimbot & legit anti-aim 6.5/10

3) Misc and Changer

For me, this is where Spirthack stands out. The inventory and profile changer is extremely smooth and easy to use. You can easily find what skin you’re looking for. I love how you can unbox cases and souvenirs. You can also change the odds of getting a certain rarity of the item. You can also apply any stickers you want and apply any nametag. One thing I wish was added was the ability to search all stickers instead of going through each collection when you’re trying to find the sticker you want.

The profile changer is very well made, you can easily edit your rank and commends. You can also give yourself a fake VAC/Overwatch ban if you’d like.

Final Worlds
Overall I would recommend this cheat, it’s good if your new to cheating or want a cheap legit alternative to other cheats. 7.5/10 :slight_smile:

now I’m gonna go cos I’m bored… bye

Hey, thanks for the review! :slight_smile:

We appreciate it. I reported the spelling error to our developers.

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