Cheat is detected ???

Ok so when i open cheat with “inject” (my antyvirus is turned off) the cs:go opens as always, but when i want to play Matchmaking this thing shows up. It’s about that cs:go external program that can affect the game, and when i open it by the second option (translated to english is “restart with trust” this thing dont allow any external programs to turn on when opening cs:go) i dont want to choose 1st option cuz when i choose it, my trust factor will be very low and i can meet some cheaters even tho i have prime

it is not because of cheat

its because of my trust factor or the amounts of reports i got

Hi! There is no VAC wave currently, so it is imposible to get VAC banned.

This can be caused by:

  • A delayed ban
  • Extremely low trust factor for long periods of time
  • Injecting other softwares
  • A linked account was VAC banned
  • Overwatch bans usually turn into VAC bans, even though they are generally not.

Take care. The cheat is currently undetected and safe to use, we will let you know if anything is unsafe or we need to update it. But, it is not for now.