cheat not injecting

the cheat isnt injecting

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Hi, provide more information.

remains blocked by injection, and does not inject

Hi, please make sure:

  • Your anti viruses, anti cheats and network security are disabled.
  • You’re not using any VPN
  • You do not have any confliction between applications

Also, please try:

  • Restarting the loader
  • Starting Steam & or CS:GO manually
  • Restarting your computer

Please provide this information if you’re still having issues:

  • Your winver (Windows Key + R, Type “winver”, Press enter and show us this window).
  • In the CS:GO folder, a file named: “sp_log.log”
  • In %temp%, a file named: “sp-loader.log” (Windows Key + R, Type “%temp%” and press enter)


dude all of us have the same problem , stop saying we are using vpns or some kinda ac , we dont , its your fault for not working , everything worked until 2 days ago

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ya same problem i did it all and not working

Hi, please provide the information we asked for, otherwise it is not possible for us to fix your issue in a timely manor.

bro it’s work , play csgo manual

Hi, is everything fine now? :slight_smile:

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No, Isnt!

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Hi, as this thread is solved, we’ll close it and respond to yours.

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