Common Bug Fixes

Heya! I’m new to the spirthack scene, but I’ve encountered a couple bugs and figured out the fixes for them. These bugs are pretty common and hopefully this helps you new users

(I will add more bugs i come across and the fixes for them)

#1 Sensitivity Bug: Oh no! Your sensitivity is super slow!
Fix 1: If in a comp match, simply reconnect
Fix 2: If in a casual match switch to spectator then back to your team

#2 CSGO Crash Bug: Sometimes when you open settings during a match csgo will crash.
Not really a fix: There is no fix for this, the developers of spirthack need to fix this one if I’m mistaken please correct me, however you can avoid it by only editing settings at the main menu!

#3 Text Box Bug: When selecting a text box in a window with multiple textboxes it will cycle through them as if you are holding tab when you’re not
Fix: Press Tab