My game crashing ever time. Without antivirus in my computer. But after update my csgo crashing when inject the hack.

How fixed this?

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I have the same problem. Windows defender is off and i dont have any other antimalvare progs. But still the game crashes after inject and 2 or 3 seconds of just waiting. I tried turning off the PC but it didnt help too

I’m having the same issue

The only solution I kinda found works is when you delete the configs from the site and load them back but you gotta keep doing it and I only did this twice both times worked, Idk if it was luck but try it for yourself.

but as I delete site settings?

how to solve this from csgo close when injecting the cheat

I’m having same issues. It was fine, but just today I added a new config from a link which made my overall amount of configs add up to 5, then a few seconds later my game crashes instantly when i inject the cheats.

I have deleted some configs on the dashboard so I only have 3 overall now (including default).