[Discuss] removing antivirus, is it problem?

You know, our injection method blocked by mostly antiviruses due to antivirus security, is it a problem for our users? Or for our potential users? I recieved some messages that removing av is problem. Is it mass problem? Post your feedback here, did u have some problems with injection? Only first time? If its popular issue, probably we’ll rework it

Extremely popular, but it’s not in our best interest to rework it. As it’s easily resolved by support. - However I still think it’s worth fixing.

I don’t even have an anti virus apart from Windows Defender and every time I inject it Windows Defender removes SpirtHack from my computer, I whitelist it and everything but it never seems to work. Don’t know what makes this happen, and I don’t know how it will be fixed but it will need to be. Gets very annoying, and I have downloaded SpirtHack multiple times. Happens every time I inject, might only be for me though… wouldn’t have a clue about others problems.

Super annoying to have to remove it each time, I have kaspersky antivirus and every time I want to use this cheat, I have to uninstall the AV, then I have to restart my pc, then I can use the cheat. PLEASE FIX IT, SO AIDS.

Create a folder and exclude it :3 put the file there its easy

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I really think people are having problems with the cheat mostly due to their low iq. It’s really simple to go into a anti-virus and just whitelist a folder where the injector is, and people don’t realize it’s normal that the injector self deletes. If seen people complaining about it closing steam for security reasons and thinking it’s a bug and not normal.

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you dont think ive tried excluding it, doesnt work

This is an issue for some antivirus and some it isn’t much of an issue. On most antivirus like bitdefender, etc you just need to exclude the spirt loader from their detection stuff and it works fine. The main issue with this is kaspersky antivirus. Even if you turn off everything in kaspersky and then completely exit out of it spirt will not work due to the antivirus error. If you have kaspersky, you can not inject spirthack without completely uninstalling the antivirus.

I bought the hack today and it doesn’t work for me because of windows defender

Turn off windows defender