Does playing injected matters your trust factor ?

Here is a question I have been asking myself since i first bought spirt.

Couldn’t find a satisfying answer so i decided to run some tests tonight :

I first launched the game without spirt injected and lauch 5 DM games, I didnt play with or against cheaters (at least not evident and i’ve had not suspitions on anyone).
Then I closed the game and launched it with spirt injected, i went straight to DM for 5 games as well and in every single game i came across at least one cheater.

I’ll probably run some more tests in MM or wingman tomorrow.

Since I’m playing in nonprime the tests were made in non-prime.

Hi, if there was an issue with trust factor the developer will fix it as soon as possible within the next update. However:

Try keeping your trust factor good on other accounts, avoiding bans etc on all accounts, using other cheats can cause this issue too or any beta versions of steam or CS:GO.

Valve/VAC may be storing trust factor related to your HWID/IP. This means if you have low trust factor for extended periods of time then you have a potential risk of a VAC ban (This does not mean any cheat has been detected).

You should also check if your other accounts that you did not inject Spirt on are fine.


First of all, thanks for your answer.

As I just did 10 DM, my observations might not be revelant as this is a small scale experiment. I might have had extremely bad luck. :confused:

However, I’m playing on twoo accounts, my main on which i have never cheated (good trust factor) and a secondary, non prime, on which i ran my tests (this account has a normal/good trust factor (at least without spirt injected)).

From what i think i know, VAC only bans when someone has a recognized cheat software installed on their pc or injected in their game*. What you meant might be VAC flagged*² ?

*source :,server%20while%20running%20cheat%20software.&text=If%20software%20of%20this%20kind,VAC%20ban%20will%20be%20issued.

*²source :

There are many things inside of valve anti cheat.

VAC does not detect software inside of your file system. It only stores injections, real VAC bans happen at VAC waves. There was no current VAC wave, this means that your bans are either caused by low trust factor for an extended period of time or a linked account somehow (Either by IP or HWID, there are rumours about VACNet/Valve doing this).

Try clearing your steam profiles in the files and trying again with a VPN. And see if you encounter an issue.