Feedback on performance

I am an og hvh player that stopped playing hvh but started playing cs again for playing legit. I bought this cheat because it was cheap af and it had a skinchanger which i prioritized the most and the main reason for purchasing this cheat. Sadly on low end pcs like mine i have 200fps+ on cs without any cheats but with spirt it drops to 80-120 fps. I of course know that a cheat will reduce the performance of the pc but this is quite ridiculous. I have used gamesense for more than 3 years and i never had any performance issues but the same performance that i get without the cheats. Rather than fancy menu animations and needless fancy stuff fix it to stable , clean menu.

yeah that happend to me aswell but idk why seems that its a bit buggy maybe u can ask in the discord for help, and why are u buying a cheat when u have gamsense just a question i dont want to be rude?