I have got and paid $5, but I cant found how to use the hack.

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If you don’t know how to use
a cheat this easy; you don’t deserve to use it

Download it, open it, press inject, open steam then open CS:GO.

Press insert to open/close the menu.

Have fun.

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I have the error Error 0xc0000022, I dont have antivirus installed.

Hi, please use this injection method! :slight_smile:

Its working now, I have other question, this hack change my name and include a <> on my name.
I dont want it, how can I do.

Ah, you can disable Mutual Skinchanger to remove this, however it will stop people seeing your skins if they’re in same game as you and using the same cheat.

Whats the best configuration for leggit, I cant found it. Thank you!.

Some people say that they see me skating, and say that im using cheats. How can I fix this error?. Thank you!.

Disable Legit aa/legit aa autodirection.

How can I configure it good, sometimes my character appears spinning.
Please I need a good legit configuration, I dont want to skating and spinning. Thank you!.

Disable Legit Anti Aims and Legit Anti Aims auto direction.

I did deactivate them, but it still moves from head to head

Can you show a video recording of this please?

It’s easy to setup a legit config, but you can use mine if you want [ cfg ]

The staff must include some configurations, in order to no have this kind of problems.
I would like a legit configuration, but I dont want to skating and spinning. Thank you!.

I just paid the second month, and so far I can not use it.

We won’t make configurations for you, that’s your job and the communities job.

However, disable Legit AA and Auto Direction and it should stop. There’s not any other ways it can be caused.

Nothing happen when i press INSERT