Hello, I wanna give suggestion for payment methods ( not paypal )

Hello there,

I bought Spirthack today and i found it very good for legit hacking, but theres one downside to the payment methods, so, i have a debit card, in my country (indonesia) a online purchase with debit card is not allowed until 1 year ago they made it so you can purchase online things with debit cards but WITH 3DS (3DSecure), so if i buy spirthack i must pay fee of 4$ for a vcc service wich is alot.,Since robokassa (from what i seen) dont have 3ds payment i cant purchase an upgrade directly with my card, i have seen other russian provider (e.g. TinkOff.ru) does have 3ds payment, i suggest you to enable 3ds payment for more convenience for foreign customers, but its just a suggestion, you dont need to but it would be great if you do!

Thank you!

Hi, TinkOff is currently unavailable due to technical issues.