Hello, wonder about HWID?

Hello, I just bought the subcription for the hack but i wonder If i can use the hack on my both computer, I have 2 computer, one is a desktop and the other one is a laptop, i tends to move out of home and take my laptop with me to play games outdoor.
So can i use the hack on both my computers?

I don’t think so. Cheat is locked to your hardware id, you would need a hwid reset everytime you change computers (wich i doubt they would do that so much times)

But Im sometimes going outdoor, i may not have time to stay on desktop, i wish they could keep my both computers HWID

You can only use it on the pc you first injected it on but you can reset your hwid once a week

You are only able to use the cheat on 1 computer at any given time.

You can use the reset HWID button in your profile, however, you have only 1 per week.