How to enable OBS Bypass

Guys, tell me how to enable OBS bypass

it is automaticaly

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I was streaming on discord and my friend could see the cheat.

are there any settings i must have EG Fullscreen only, windowed only because when i record with OBS you can see the cheat.

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Some recorders record the screen or see the cheat. But as of obs while streaming game, it is automatically enabled.

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its only streaming not recording?

Works for both.

for me OBS still shows the menu, esp and everything elswe

Are you sure you are recording game and not screen?

uhh not sure if its because i restarted my pc or something but i just opened OBS with the same settings as yesterday and it works.

Good to hear it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Please tell me your settings PLEASE
Here or discord: onion#8790

I play fullscreen 1920x1080 (Monitor Res) in game

OBS Settings