How to open cases with Scanner

Hello im french and i would like open cases with the scanner. My friends can open with scanners but not me, i dont have any blocked weapon i never open cases cause its not my main account soo i dont have the P250-XRay and my friend too. They tell me you need to buy the P250 when i close the tab and re-open they tell me “Retrieve this item” , a loading appear and i need to press echap for get an item but its not the weapon on this collection
look my screenshoot : 1) Need to buy P250 :
2) Retrieve this item :
3) Infinite Loading :
4) Weapon i get but its not in this collection :

Hi, seems like an issue due to the French version of CS:GO case opening differs to everywhere else.

I’ll report it to the developer.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

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