How to use! (Detailed)

  1. Disable google and windows anti-virus before installing.
  2. Create shortcut of hack file
  3. Create exclusion in anti-virus
  4. Enable anti-virus again if you want
  5. Rightchlick on the shortcut of the hack file
  6. Press properties go under shortcut, and on the text box that says “Target:” go to the far right off that and do -explorer
    So example Target: default -appfjiaewjfieoafjiejwi -explorer
  7. Close steam and csgo
  8. open hack
  9. press inject and then it wil auto open csgo
  10. ez go clap some skidss

Hi, this is a nice post.

However, the “-explorer” injection method is only to be used if you have the error that can’t be fixed any other way. You should not use it for no reason. (The injection method is pinned on our forums).