ı cant buy

when ı try to buy with credit card site says me contact with seller. We treid 2 freidns and same error. Different banks and cards

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Hi, are you from the US?

What is the error?

image ım from turkey

is there any solution?

Are you from the US?

Also, try adding more funds or contacting your bank, they may check and unblock the payment. Sometimes banks block this due to security reasons.

ı have more funds in my bank ım from turkey we tried 3 different banks and its not working

im here in turkey too but we can’t send money i just want to buy 140 rubles buy a cheat i have extra money but it doesn’t work

What about checking your banking app for any blockages or calling your bank?

If this does not work sadly you would have to try another payment method.

Kanka haftasonu döviz işlemleri yasaklanmış o yüzden alamıyoruz hafta içini bekleyeceksin çözdüm ben meseleyi
@MrAmped in Turkey you can’t buy anything with using dollar or ruble on weekend. Problem solved

Oh I did not know this!

Then, your solution is to pay on a working day.

alakası yok haftaiçi deniyorum yine olmuyor…

im from turkey too and i bought twice before i get same error :((

olmuyo evet alamıyorum

Robokassadan alın kanki

Is there anything else I could help you guys with?