i cant sign in

Hello my HWID is not working , when i download the hack , after this i can t sign in because my HWID is not reset , and i cant reset it…

Hi, have you changed computers or location?

Explain further.

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no , i didn t change anything, i dont play like 2 days , and last night my HWID it seams not working…

You resetted your HWID: 31.01.2021

It’s impossible that nothing has changed.
Why do you need more than 1 reset in a week?

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ow i am sorry , i give the acc to one friend , and i think he reset it , but i cant reset it one more time ? Because tomorrow is last day of my subribution… :frowning: And i want to play :((

You lied to us, sorry but we cannot reset your HWID.

You went against our ToS here: Spirthack.me/tos

Thanks, take care.