I got VAC Ban

How it can possible? please help

you playing to obv so was in the overwatch and u got banned

cheat is not detected

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Just cause the hack is undetected doesnt mean you’re fully protected against VAC… If you play too obvious, lets say you just look at everyone through the walls and headshot everyone, VAC will still be able to ban you through overwatch, if people report you.

Or just vac-net

It is impossible for me to have specified. I was even playing off the wall hack. Aimbot was 0.5 fov and at 1 smooth level.

VAC ban, or OVERWATCH ban? are different things.

Really bro? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199027629836/

I just got banned by VAC…

Hi! There is no VAC wave currently, so it is imposible to get VAC banned.

This can be caused by:

  • A delayed ban
  • Extremely low trust factor for long periods of time
  • Injecting other softwares
  • A linked account was VAC banned
  • Overwatch bans usually turn into VAC bans, even though they are generally not.

Take care. The cheat is currently undetected and safe to use, we will let you know if anything is unsafe or we need to update it. But, it is not for now.

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