I got Vac on Spirthack!


i’m brazilian so above it is written in portuguese BR

Name: 1
Skill Group: Eagle Master 50 wins
Trust Factor: Green-
Never Banned for more than 24 hours
That's my account created on 2014.
I think i started cheating Jul 2020 onwards..

The only Cheat I injected into my account so far was “Spirt”
Steam id: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198169718623/
(will be deleted this steam account on 30 days because i support to the steam deleted him)

(it's vac so it doesn't matter so much since it was a detection of
  hack and not a configuration)

Cfg complete:
0.6- Aimbot
0.55- Silent
0.4/0.8 RCS
Skin Changer (Always ON)
Radar Hack (Always ON)
Wall Glow (I dont always use) Bind Mouse4
Edge Jump (does not matter) Bind C Toggle
Bunnyhop (does not matter) bind V


just to prove that the link I sent is the same as the one on my account, if you see the ticket and the account does not exist anymore!

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send ingame footage to tell if its ow or vac

If you recreate a account don’t use wall glow or bunny hop because it’s full detect like aimbot or silence Me I use only radarhack / chams and backtrack :slight_smile: good cheat to you

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i was cheating with that cfg like 6 month and i dont got vac, i spin in my secundary for 2 months and i dont got ban until now. I almost got Prime with her.

Take a look

Hi, I don’t think our cheat is detected.

It is currently undetected, 99% of our users are completely fine, if it’s just you then I don’t think this is accurate at all. If a cheat is really detected, all of its users will be banned.


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I was also banned by the VAC using this cheat

Hi, provide your injection logs located in %temp%, named sp-loader.log.

Provide your account links, and tell us what other cheats you have used.

99% of our users are completely ok, It does not make sense right now.

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Most likely a VACnet ban, I’m pretty sure you got overwatched first, and then the ban got converted into a VAC ban.

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It’s possible, but does not mean the cheat is detected.

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I also got a VAC ban on CS: GO right today!

I had a long experience with this cheat. So I only used those in my account. Today I turned on the steam and I was notified that I received a VAC ban on the game CS:GO,
Can you add an explanation of what this is all about if you claim that the cheat is 99% undetected? I believed this cheat…

it says on this/connected accout, so maybe you had 1 phone number for bouth accounts?

What? I have 1 account

The cheat is fully undetected at the moment, as you can see here all my prime accs, in good standing of course:


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deleting exe…
D:\OBS Studio\bin-start\s\O6szL81loIWU (1).exe
exe removed.start inject cs
a start
a end
[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Mapping image ‘MemoryImage_0x000000001B3A010C’ with flags 0x14042

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Loading new image ‘MemoryImage_0x000000001B3A010C’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Image base allocated at 0x000000002ced0000

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Performing image copy

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Relocating image ‘memoryimage_0x000000001b3a010c’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Loading new dependency ‘wldap32.dll’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Dependency path resolved to ‘wldap32.dll’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Loading new dependency ‘normaliz.dll’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Dependency path resolved to ‘normaliz.dll’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Loading new dependency ‘wtsapi32.dll’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Dependency path resolved to ‘wtsapi32.dll’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Enabling exception support for image ‘memoryimage_0x000000001b3a010c’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Performing security cookie initializtion for image ‘memoryimage_0x000000001b3a010c’

[27.12.2020 17:21:44] ManualMap: Calling entry point for ‘memoryimage_0x000000001b3a010c’, Reason: 1

[27.12.2020 17:21:50] ManualMap: DllMain of ‘memoryimage_0x000000001b3a010c’ returned 1


(when anti-virus detected my loader i everytime download another to use.)

Currently I don’t think it’s detected or something to worry about.

Less than 10 people reported VAC, which is really not anything.
The VACs can be caused by:

  • Another cheat
  • Red trust factor for an extended period of time
  • Overwatch bans that subsided as a VAC.
  • Linked accounts will get banned.

VACs don’t happen as soon as you inject a cheat. There is a VAC wave every few months, if there was a detection every single user of our cheat would be simultaneously banned, which did not happen.

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Exactly. There could be OW bans who turn into VAC bans after a short amount of time (eg last week I played a few games with a polish guy, we’ve told him that he’s really good & asked him if he’s whether cheating or not but he said “no” ; after 2 days he got an OW ban and when I rechecked his steam profile, after 2 hours if I still remember correctly, the OW ban turned itself into a VAC ban.
And let’s not forget about VACnet, their AI software that is known to monitorize every move of a player (without scanning their game files) which might also trigger VAC bans in some cases.
(Correct me if anything’s wrong :slight_smile:)

I also have vac, and I only played a month with it, I did not use any other tricks, my trust factor was green, I have a legitimate cfg, no walls, no linked accounts.

sorry for my english

I liked to use this cheat … I wish it was really like you are saying, but with me it happened differently!

As I said, the account was banned directly with VAC-BAN, it was not overwatch that became VAC.

My last match in the game had been made on 12/3/2020, and I had to stop playing since then, as the TF fell to red and I couldn’t find any more matches.

almost a month after the last game, the VAC came.

And I say again, I didn’t use any other cheat, just this one !!!

I have another account, I never injected anything, it is normal, with green TF, and without any problem, this indicates that I have no problems with other PC files or problems with phone number, linked accounts, etc …

We will update this information if there are any changes. Thanks, take care!

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