I have 1000 subs, I want to make content with SpirtHack

I have a YouTube channel with 1000 subs and between 500 and 2500 views in each video.
I have a video with 870 views using SpirtHack: SpirtHack highlights #21 | ft. Anti-Defensive - YouTube

YouTube Channel: Alexz HvH - YouTube

Discord Server: PanN Community

Dude you are obviously just bought subscribers and views. Literally today. :rofl: image

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no XDD

I don’t bought subscribers

My channel has grown very fast

i doubt that you got so much subs in 1 day

sorry I do not speak with envious

900 subs in 3 months is normal XD

You channel has recommend me in Youtube Nice New Sub bro <3

Oh Check This image
? I use bots in my channel? XDDDDDD

Unlucky is retardr XD

For a channel that tries everything to get views you barely have views.

The only majorly viewed videos are just “shithack V2 FIX DLL CFG 2021” type videos.
How will spirthack sponsor you when you’re whole channel is showcasing free cheats?

Smh my head.

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I have a video with 900 views using Spirthack :v



new subs +897

Subs 991

New Views: +21,798


little bit sus

In 1 month is normal, if you don’t have a YouTube channel don’t speak XD

Why all retards speak but admins not XD

Bro, that was in a day. Not in a month. And btw don’t flex with your fucking YT, i have more subs without buying Them :slight_smile:

Look the screen
2021 - 08 - 10 94 subs
2021 - 11 - 07 991 subs

2021 - 08 - 10
2021 - 11 - 07

Here is your sub income per a day: image
As you can see, you have no income beetwen 08-10 and 11-07(+0 subs) So thats your income in a one day
Imagine trying to fool everyone on this forum almost for a week and still no results lol.
You are trying so hard to protect yourself, so you are obviously lying :wink:

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