I have been banned

Please be aware of this cheat, I’ve been vac banned, not overwatch banned, so this cheat might actually have some problems, think before you decide to use it

Dosent seem like you subbed to the cheat tho?

Probably a fake account, you don’t even have a membership. So why don’t you buy one before even making a pointless post to get attention?

Bro look at my badges i bought it not playing cs rn thats why i am not active xD

Noo I’m on about this ryan guy, it’s weird thought I have bought the cheat too but it says I’m not a customer? wtf. lol Also @ryanttchan valve banned people with red trust factors even innocent legit players with red trust-factors got banned too.

U gotta put the badge as the show one

the loader is probably detected rn but u dont even had a sub, so shut up. seems like you dont have the balls to right this with your normal account, otherwise you are a pussy too xd

look at the customer badge u retard. Shut the fuck up if you don’t even understand the word ‘customer’

Got banned yestarday with all my accounts. They had red trust factor, because lower ranks were always reporting. Don’t know if it was the loader that was detected after an update or just for being in red factor zone

The cheat didnt get detected, its just valve stupidity, official announcement from a47

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