I will never be using this cheat again // VAC BAN

I have started using this cheat last year, used to be a good cheat.

All changed when they decided to make it free and completely ruin it, people are getting VAC banned left and right and one of my LEM account got vac.

If you guys decide to fix the cheat and make it good again, i will come back. Until that im staying away.

I hope all the new users coming here hoping for a good cheat understand that as of now it is not a good one…

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I heard there is a V2 coming, if this is true please tell me and ETA

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i got the VAC too. I spend my money on cheat and then it become free and detected

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A friend mine got vac too, don’t feel alone.

It’s true. No ETA yet.

TBH I dont think it will come out

yea same…

It will.

i spin for 2 weel and all i got is overwatch ban