I have 10k follow on Instagram I will post story everyday

sorry we dont need instagram

I am sorry but what is this topic about? I mean he just posted instagram and that he has 10 k followers and would post stories everyday. What is the point? Like to post on instagram posts related to this site or what? I don’t really think that it is the right way to make such a proposal taking into considerence the fact that nowadays you can actually make a fortune on instagram as it is the most popular social network today. Yet it is not the worst case, yesterday on another forum i have seen how a subscriber was giving advices to the moderator regarding how to buy instagram followers, man that is a horrible attitude. I’m sorry in case i did not understand everything right, in case was not right just tell me please.

Dude, develop your profile. Why do you need sponsors?

And why everyone is using this Instagram. He’s so uncomfortable.

Instagram is used just the same because it is a convenient platform for promoting yourself, your brand, and getting an easy income. That’s why I don’t see anything terrible in having sponsors or running someone’s page.
If it brings a decent income, why not? Especially considering that there are now many tools for tracking account activity; for example, I used it myself; it’s very convenient.
I think that in the 21st-century, people should understand that there are no standards. So, good luck to you!

I will recommend developing your profile by posting exciting content and by posting it regularly. This will help you add more followers.

Moreover, you can also read more articles about how Instagram works or how to post on instagram - 1394ta. This will help you improve your Instagram skills. Or you can also check out some tutorials about Instagram. Anyway, I feel that these methods will be more beneficial for you rather than finding sponsors. Still, this is just my opinion, so please don’t be negative about it.