Is this cheat still undetectable?

is it? are admins still online and working on it?

Hi, yes our cheat is currently undetected. We are still working on updates.

Thanks! Is there anything else we could help you with?

i like spirthack, but to be honest you need to realise and admit that the cheat is detected. I personally recieved a vac after only using spirthack, and my experience is consistent with the many other reports of bans on the forums every day. My trust factor went red, then after ~ 3 weeks i got VACed. Please wake up and quit dismissing peoples claims of being banned, as its quite clear the sheer volume of reported bans lends atleast a little merit to the claim.

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For being 5 dollars, im not even mad as the experience of the cheat while i wasnt banned was wonderful, if spirthack can fix its detection issues i could easily recommend it in good conscious. But right now its just not right.

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trust factor only is affected by reports or the option to disable security. You could have been VACed just because your old account had injected other cheats :smiley: … That is what I atleast know.

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Hi, we are unsure of the cheat being detected. If a cheat is detected then all of its users will be simultaneously banned. Less than 100 users are complaining, this does not make sense. We’re still keeping an extremely close eye on it.

However, try keeping your trust factor good on other accounts, avoiding bans etc on all accounts, using other cheats can cause this issue too or any beta versions of steam or CS:GO.

Another thing, Valve/VAC may be storing trust factor related to your HWID/IP. This means if you have low trust factor for extended periods of time then you have a potential risk of a VAC ban (This does not mean any cheat has been detected).

Thanks! Take care.