Low Trust Factor


I have been using this cheat for 4 days and now I’m unavailable to find any matches. I have to wait around +20 minutes and what I get is a match with full of cheaters. I haven’t done anything obvious that I’m cheating or getting many kills. I also open a new account but after two games it also had red trust factor. I only used radar cheat and being second or third in my team and I lost some of the games also. I think this should be fixed. I’m done with this cheat.

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have you ever been vac banned on other accounts?
I’m haveìing this problem too… today i tried an old CLEAN account, and it was unplayable just like on the other accounts on which i used hacks… I’m scared steam is tracking hwid or something like that … infact i abandoned any hope for clean matches on MM. I’m gonna play on community servers only from now on. unless i want to play vs spinbotters

No, I don’t have any previous ban records. I have also tried opening new accounts, but the result was the same.

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same situation, and it seems to not have a solution :frowning: … update me if u manage to do something

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Hello, please explain more about your situation.

I think I’ve explained clearly, what do you want to know more?

Hi again, does it work from another account?

Same problem happened, I am using this for 3 days , bt today it shows red tf

to be fair: i see this exact problem on other cheat providers’ forums. so the cause is not any cheat. it’s valve

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Same problem, I have not been using wall hacks or aimbot, but ONLY skin changer and I got red trust factor

valv introduced a server anti-cheat and when using software after 2-4 games, the transfactor drops to 0

i’ve tested this myself, spirthack does give you a red trust factor

Depends on fucntions you using. We are trying to figure it out.