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First of all, I have been familiar with cheats for a long time, 3 years I am in this world, I never bought a cheat because I didn’t think it would be much better than a free cheat. Well today I realize that there is a beautiful difference between a paid cheat and a free cheat. I got interested in because it is so cheap and friendly, I decided to buy a week to see what it was like, I was surprised with security and noob friendly issues and other things.
I am going to do a review that is a little long and divided into parts. and at the bottom i will talk about new features that should be added.
Let’s go

starting with Visuals

ESP: 9/10 could be more options
ESP is well done I saw no problems, fully customizable including ESP for everything like Players, Weapons, Grenades, C4 and Loot (for danger zone in which you don’t see much around)

WORLD: 10/10 nice
it has most the things that you want from FOV, Grenade helper and prediction to Aspect Ratio Changer.

CHAMS: 10/10 Noice
Chams is the most Legit cheats should have and it should be good, with SpirtHack it’s no diferent. only

GLOW: 9/10
I personally don’t use Glow i think its no good for legit, but in general it could be a little better.

RADAR: 10/10
The Radar feature it’s just P, it has every thing that you would want and more IT HAS CLOUD RADAR not that suprising for me but it’s a cool feature for a cheap Legit Cheat.

COLORS: 9.5/10
it good.

Now onto Aimbot

LEGITBOT: 9.5/10
I didn’t expect less, for a cheat that costs 5 dollars a month it’s just Perfect, the Auto-config it’s noob friendly but it’s kinda meh because only after 80% it becomes legit, i don’t use i prefer to config everything myself, Delays i don’t know how to use it correctly so i just don’t use it but it’s good for what i tested, LegitAA it’s good but it is just the static LegitAA i could have Balance LBY just for trolling, 1st Bullet and Oth. Bullets are awesome, RCS good and Psilent its very good.

I don’t use the Triggerbot but for what i saw it was decent, could be better.

RAGEBOT: 4/10 could be worse
for those who are thinking about buying this cheat REMEMBER that this is a LEGIT cheat so the Rage section would be bad, i used Ragebot some matches against some osiris cheat users was pretty hard, so if you are planing to do rage beg them to not have Paid cheats, i do alot of HVH, was kinda hard to config because i need the weapon in hand to config so thats bad. But i didn’t expect much from a Legit cheat so it was ok for the price being that it’s a cheap legit cheat.

now changer most of you that want to buy probably are interested in the Inv Changer

OH BOY IT’S G O O D , just perfect from weapons with just their skin from using skins from an AK on an AWP, Stickers, Whiteout Knifes, to Whiteout Gloves, AND MORE you have AGENTS, Medals, OH look a this u have SOUNDTRACK boy AND CASE OPENINGS, and Souvenir Packs and they give random skins with random float and seed, and last you can make full different inventory’s for each config.

it’s perfect having from MM rank and wins, Wingman rank and wins to Dangerzone rank and wins, level changer, Fake prime, Fake VAC message, AND restore last match that is pretty dope.


MISC: 9/10
Almost there, Blockbot it’s bad, and it Could have Legit Bhop with chances and other stuff (more later).

SPAMMER: yes?/10
it’s just that kind of features that it’s there just because YES.

LOBBY: Troll/10
very cool feature to troll others lobby and your friends.

BINDS: 10/10
It’s perfect.

CONFIGS: 10/10
Kinda buggy, share works as intended, can crash when loading a different config, but pretty solid.


sure i think?

MENU: 10/10
Perfect, simple, search option, Dark menu, not that Edgy.

Visuals: 9/10
Aimbot: 9.5/10
Changer: 10/10
Misc: 9/10
Others: 11/10

I gathered some suggestions from me and some other verdicts.
Viewmodel customization (X, Y and Z).
Better nightmode and Post processing.
.lua / .js engine & support. (big feature)
Legit Bhop.
sv_pure bypass (use some cool skins
blockbot (just to troll)

I used this cheat for around 5 days out of my 7 and i can say that cheat IS good, i will probably buy again in the future. you should buy too :wink:

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