My testimonial.

Hey. I’ve been using this cheat for 1 week, and I think now I can review it. After 2 years in the “cheating world”, mostly Legit Hacking or HvH in Community Insecured Servers, I can say this cheat is a really good one. I think my review would be different if it would have cost 10 € because some features aren’t really well made for now. I’ll describe them in another suggestion topic.

Positive Things About Spirthack :

  • The cheat menu in itself is just beautiful. It can even be compared to Aimware’s one.
  • We really feel safe while using it. The features can be limited to avoid being too obvious, but we still can use a Legit AA without problem against a salty spinbot.
  • Every config is different. All the different colors you can set to make your game more comfortable are there, you can even change nightmode color (I always play with Red set to 40).
  • The inventory changer is just beautifully made. Even if there are some bugs with In-Game equipping, it feels really good to chill and make a whole skin config when you’re bored of playing. I can also add that the skin sharing with your other Spirthack friends is the best idea they could have.
  • The config menu, with easy-to-share configs by the forum or even the actual cheat chat !
  • The cheat chat. It’s great to meet people, help them and get helped in return, share configs, discuss about your PB on the cheat’s mini-games ^^
  • The mini-games. These are cool during warmup or queue for a match.
  • Miscellaneous features to troll your friends or the whole game. The spammer is good, lobby features like fake VAC ban brings fun to the game and rank changers even for your friends are cool for screenshots (yeah).
  • Aimbot features. The auto-legit configs from 100 to 0 is a really good idea, again, and avoids people to spend 1 hour configurating their Aimbot.
  • Binds. Binds are just super useful, and I personnaly use them to troll people with Legit AAs or desactivate my visuals.

Negative things about Spirthack :

  • French people (like me) can’t open cases, because we are obligated to use X-RAY feature.
  • The HvH features are just honestly bad, and most people don’t use them because they know there aren’t enough features on them.
  • The different game-breaking bugs like lags, crashes (rare) and sensivity increasing without reason.

I know there are a lot of positive and negative things I could add again, but because of my not-wanting-to-actually-play-and-check-these I can’t figure them out.

Thanks to Spirthack devs and Moderators for keeping the cheat great,
9/10 on SpirtHack.

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Thank you for your review :+1:

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