NEED HELP! Hwid cannot be modified

Because of my computer system problem, I reinstalled the system, my SPIRT account can not log in, suggesting that I need to recharge the HWID, my hardware has not changed, just reinstall the system, I don’t want to wait until February 3 to start playing again. Please reset my HWID for me, thank you very much.------------------*Таму што мае праблемы кампутарнай сістэмы, таму пераўсталёўваць сістэму, мая SPIRT уліковы запіс не можа ўвайсці, што кажа пра неабходнасць перазарадзіць HWID, маё абсталяванне не змянілася, проста пераўсталяваць сістэму, я не хачу, каб чакаць да 3 лютага, перш чым пачаць гуляць, Калі ласка, дапамажыце мне вярнуць мой HWID, дзякуй вялікі

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i have resetted hwid for you

Still can’t log in, the prompt needs HWID reset, please help me

Hi, sorry about this, please make sure you have re downloaded SpirtHack from our website and restarted your computer before hand, also, check you’re using correct logins. I have also reset your HWID again to make sure you don’t run into any more issues, let me know if this works. Thanks! - MrAmped, SpirtHack Staff.

In default situation ur hwid shouldnt be changed without changing hardware or atleast reinstalling os. If u r using same pc every time make sure u dont use any hwid spoofer(some be/eac protected games(fortnite, etc) chats usually use it). We cannot reset ur hwid every day

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Здравствуйте, я долгое время был пользователем сайта, мой аккаунт был захвачен, а hwid был сброшен.

Zdravstvuyte, ya dolgoye vremya byl pol’zovatelem sayta, moy akkaunt byl zakhvachen, a hwid byl sbroshen.

help me pls

check your acc