Partnership request

Hello, i got 630 subscribers and my thematics - cheats and csgo.
I know english and russian languages very well and i’m interested in sponsoring.

Hi, why do you only have few uploads?

I’m trying to make only good videos so there are not many uploads

Better to make quality videos, but less often

But I can try to speed up the release of the video if such a schedule is not enough.

Well, we need a more active sponsor.

I can be a very active sponsor for you

I’m ready to do 2-3 videos a week

I wanted to start doing videos about legit and thats perfect chance

Can you maybe do 1 week with some more content and then contact us back please?

I’ll think cuz u can denie me and i’ll lose the time
I’ll think thx for the chance

Sure, you too.

Hello again, i’ve rendered my last video and uploaded on YT my new video

I got there several moments with spirthack, but if we will work with u i’ll do videos with legit

Okay, we will wait until your channel has more activity