Hi. I quitted hacking on csgo but I’m back now and i want to start with a new cheat.

I dont have 500 views on my last videos cuz of inactivity , but im gonna get my viewrs back in 1 week i guess =). If u watch my old videos u can see that i had 1k-2k+ views.

And btw I own a discord server with almost 3k members.

My discord if u want to contact me faster : GhostGamer#6666

Best Regards,

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Hi, what are your ideas for sponsorship?

Nice channel by the way!

Eyy thanks =)

Well I would like to play with spirthack a couple of videos , and to do some livestreams because I really like the cheat cuz the cheat has a lot of stuff in it , and the menu looks dope. I mean it would be fun and interesting =)

Well, with the sponsored videos. In the description you would need to add this information:

  • Website link
  • Prices
  • Discord invite
  • VK
  • Telegram

Also, inside the video we would like a showcase of:

  • Website
  • Loader
  • Actual cheat
  • Gameplay

If this is okay with you, or you would like to do anything differently?

I mean yeah , as a first video i can make a video with a tutorial how to inject it and stuff , and where to download it and then some gameplay, but when im gonna do normal episodes with the cheat , i will show only yhe actual cheat and the gameplay, the description stuff will be aswell on every video… I mean i will show all of them in the first episode , but then it will be only normal episodes… so i wont show how i inject everytime , and the website everytime cuz its kinda akward, the peoples know the loader and the site… so it will be strange to put it every time =)

I mean , I just want a good cheat to play with, and of course if someone will give a cheat to me , I will promote the cheats in my way : description with all the stuff you want + a discord server with 3k members, and of course i’ll talk about the cheat in video, show the menu , reviewing it , present all the features and yeah =)

But its ok how u say, but i told that i wont make a showcase at website and the loader on every video , because everyone will know it already so it will be useless… But at the first episode i will show everything =)

Hi, are you ok with recieving a 30 day subscription as a starter sponsorship. We want to see how it goes.

Once you uploaded videos/advertised for us. Please can you attach the video URLs here and screenshots?

Thanks! Also, sorry for the belated reply.

Yeah i can , accept the friend request on discord, i can send it there xd

We prefer everything here really. It’s easier to keep track of.

yeah , ok then =). all good

Hi, here is your key: | 30

Please keep us updated! Thanks!

Thanks bro, I will =) , btw is the cheat safe for prime hacking right?

It is currently undetected by VAC. For now it depends on your config.

Hi. Here’s the first video , its a review btw =) . And i didnt put VK or Telegram in description because my content is in romanian , and literally no-one is usking vk or telegram in romania… If u ask what is vk or telegram they wont even know xd, here is the video :

Hi! It’s great, I’m impressed.

Make sure to specify that it’s a legit cheating software in future videos.

Anyhow, we can continue the sponsorship.
As long as you’re making videos, we will reward you.

Sounds ok to you?

Yeah ofc , and I did specify that is a legit cheat =)

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Haha, thanks!

I don’t understand Romanian sadly. Keep us posted.

I will :smiley:

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New video bro :