Red Trust Factor then VAC Ban.

One month ago I bought spirt for 7 days, I liked it then bought it for 30 days, 2 weeks ago I got Red Trust Factor(I legit cheated, not obvious at all) I found on google that If I don’t play for one week or so I would get my green trust factor back, After one week of not playing I launched CS:GO, queued with a friend I know has a green trust factor, but it was still red. After another week, which is today I saw I had a VAC ban on my account… I never used any cheat or had another cheat in my computer, only SpirtHack.

I’m using spirt on casual only. When i was playing on MM i prefer another software that get more update.

Hi, we have updated our loader. VAC protection has been improved. We also added a bypass for Trust Factor, meaning you may forget about most trust factor related issues.

The trust factor bypass will work on new accounts only.

Please contact us again if there’s anything else we could help with!