REVIEW | Spirthack (long read)


Hello people of the forum and possibly spirthack developers / admins / other staff
I’ve been using the cheat for a few days now and I am safe to say that I tested every feature besides the ragebot very extensively, spent a lot of time making and perfectioning my config and I want to give the spirthack team and possible new customers a review about what I think of the cheat, what is already good, and what could still be improved or added.
It is going to be a longer read, because I will talk about everything in detail. I will provide a TL;DR in the end of the review though, so if you don’t want to read everything here, go ahead and jump to the bottom section called TL;DR.
Let’s jump in


The default Aimbot is made in a simple but good way. You don’t have much to configure besides FOV, the bones you want to aim at and a factor of which the movement is smoothed out to humanize it. I have absolutely no complaints here and think that it is perfect the way it is.

The RCS works also how it’s intended to work. You have X and Y (horizontal and vertical) recoil compensation, alongside a slider for smoothing so that you can precisely define how you want it to be - strong but smooth, or more suttle but rather aggressive. Again, no complaints here, it has everything I would want and it just works.

Now this is a feature I was surprised to see. It’s something not many cheats have, so I was happy to try it out. You can change the FOV of it and a slider for the chance of how often it should trigger (I personally don’t see why you wouldn’t use 100% but each to their own I guess, it’s nice that it’s there and maybe useful for some). The pSilent in general is a big plus, and the only complaint I have about it is that it always only has head as an active bone, which makes it a bit impractical for something like the AWP or Shotguns, where you don’t always want to shoot at the head. I would love to have a little dropdown menu in which you can choose what bones it should be able to aim at.

The triggerbot is another feature that just works the way it is intended to. It is a bit complicated to set up for different weapons but that’s a thing I’ll go into later in this review. Aside from this, everything is perfect. The option to put a delay, the ability to choose the bones it will trigger on, I love using it and I don’t have any real complaints here.


The chams are another thing I really like. You have many different options like Glow (which looks absolutely beautiful btw <3), Flat or other materials like Metallic. You can make some nice visuals out of them and they work the way they should. I also love the options that you can make the chams wireframe, choose if they should only be enemy only etc… I have no complaints here and it’s fun playing around with them to find something you really enjoy.

Glow ESP includes player glow, weapon glow, enemy glow etc… You can config each thing the way you like, especially because of the glow modes like outline, pulsate or the default glow. You can also change the glow color for visible and invisible entities, which is also nice. Overall, I like the glow and I don’t have nothing to say against here too.

World ESP:
The world ESP includes basically every visual option that isn’t glow or chams, like nightmode, hitmarkers, hitsounds or the ability to disable smokes, flashes etc… A few things are missing for me here, but nothing major (I’ll go into what is missing later). The things that are there work fine besides the post processing color picker, which sometimes resets to a color you didn’t choose and is overall a bit clumsy to pick, but that’s again only a small problem. Overall, a nice selection of things to choose from and to build your config from.

You have several options with the radar. You can either use the ingame radar and just reveal enemies on it, or you can use the cheat-own radar which obviously has many more custom features, like seeing grenades, a general more beautiful way of showing things etc… You also have a cloud radar which is essentially an online radar you can access via a link - useful for people that are legit themselves but queue with people from spirthack. A cool feature that you don’t see much anywhere else.


Inventory changer / Skinchanger:
This is another feature that really makes this cheat stand out. Most cheats only have a normal skinchanger, but with spirthack you can actually add those items to your inventory (even Weapon - Skin combinations that aren’t normally possible), including weapons, player models, badges and service medals and even things like cases and keys!! I really love this feature and I haven’t found any issue with it, so overall no complaints.

Profile changer:
Yet another rather unique feature of this cheat. You are able to change your own ranks, commendations and even number of wins (clientside only of course), and it’s fun to mess around with and to take photos of it to send to friends :smiley: It works the way it should and in general has nothing missing for me. Overall a great fun feature.


I can’t really make several sections for misc stuff because there is just too many. I don’t see anything major missing, only 1 or 2 quality of life things would be nice, but overall the things work and I don’t see any kind of problem here.


The menu of this cheat is made to look aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time easy to configure and move around. It definitely looks good (even featuring a night- / daymode), and the clear sections that divide the options and also the option to search for features in an included serachbar make the menu really easy to navigate. No real complaints here, the only thing that is a bit irritating is the fact that in the Legitbot, you can’t make per-weapon configs right from the menu, but rather you have to manually hold the weapon in game to be able to config it. This is not a major problem though because you can just download a workshop map where every weapon is included and easy to switch. So this is only a small complaint. Other than that, I really like the menu.


This is my opinion on what features the cheat could need / features that would make the cheat even better, but also the opinion of people in the official discord, because I tried to compile as many opinions and suggestions into this as possible, so the list might appear a bit long and extensive, but keep in mind that the cheat already has basically every necessary feature for a good legit cheat, the things listed below are more quality of life features / changes than anything. Also those are sadly unsorted, because I don’t think it is needed to do that for suggestions.

  • Viewmodel customization (X, Y and Z)
  • Triggerbot on unscope for scoped weapons / snipers
  • better nightmode (a slider for the amount)
  • Skybox changer
  • killsounds (maybe custom ones too ? :D)
  • .lua / .js engine & support
    I know this one is a big one, but it would really extend the customizability for the cheat and would
    perhaps even make things easier for the dev team because the community would be able to create
    many things that they feel is needed, and it could also be a way to make the forum and discord
    more lively and populated too (which is always a plus). I understand though that this is a major thing
    to do, so I don’t really “expect it”, but I would definitely welcome it into the cheat <3
  • toggle glow pulsate on cover mode
  • a legit mode for autojump / bhop
  • sv_pure bypass (i would really love this one cause I love playing with custom weapon models <3)
  • (apparently, don’t use it) blockbot doesn’t work that well so you might wanna look into a fix

That’s basically all. As I said, it might seem like a lot but in reality those are just minor details that would make the cheat more customizable and even more user friendly.


TL;DR: If you are looking for a legit-cheat, you’re getting a great one with spirthack. Not only for your money, but in general. I have next to no complaints and for the average user, everything that is needed is here and the features generally work really well with next to no issues. Aimbot, visuals, misc. stuff is all good and I can only recommend the cheat, especially considering the price.

I enjoy using this cheat and I am sure that if my current sub runs out, I will definitely look into buying a new one to extend it.
Thanks for reading this review, and I hope to see this cheat become even more glorious

  • <3 Linda
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Thanks for this awesome review :grin:

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Thanks for this review

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