Spirthack big update!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to present to you the long awaited update of our cheat, which is also the largest update in the history of Spirthack, as nearly everything was reworked, including:

  • Brand new menu and loader
  • A new legitbot, which is able to kill your opponents as legit as possible
  • Updated ragebot
  • Lua script support, documentation - spirthack.me/docs
  • A lot of other big and small changes and improvements, such as a leaderboard in the minigames.

We want to remind you that the cheat was free for a while because of us working on the update. Now the cheat is going to become paid again, but the subscription price is not going to change. If you had an active subscription when the cheat went free - you’ll keep your days (your subscription will be resumed now), moreover, you’ll receive 30 free days as a gift!

Thank you all for the wait, enjoy!

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лучший чит я считаю, ракета лучший кодер!

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он не кодер а image

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pog, finally

Bring back grenade helper ma boi$

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