SpirtHack dont want to close

Spirt is launching on CSGO when i try to close the window by pressing “Inser” it didnt do anythink
can someone can help me ?


download last version framework

you mean .NET Framework ?

yeah, sure

I think you dont understand, the pc automaticly update .NET Framework soo its not the problem.

Same problem,did you solve it?

Yeah i found it by myself cause idk where is the spirthack suppport LMAO probably going outside and play with snow because all these guys are from russian. Anyway, i just create a new windows user u can found a tuto really easier on ytb after this u login into steam and inject spirt and its done. (dont forgot before go in the second account to have all c++ needed ( u can also take all by searching on google : c++ redistribuable all-in-one)

Have a good day !


I dindnt understand,can you add me on discord and I send you screenshots and you explain me better,I will pay how much is needed Robertm#2029
Have a good day!