Spirthack Experiment [Trust Factor]

Hello everyone! So I am going to start a little experiment since I read that if you are using ,Spirthack’’ skinchanger you will get a low trust and some other things. I want you guys with me make a fresh new accounts (non-prime) and rank up them to rank 21.
NO aimbot/aimassist since you will be obvious (or make it not obvious!)
NO WALLHACK (visible only and chams whatever NO) since this is the most obvious thing in the world jesus no one really knows how to hide it.
NO RAGE HACKING! And the most importmant part.
NO SKINCHANGER. No knives , no weapon , no agents ANY kind of modifying game files.
NO Profile Changer (fake ranks,levels,medals etc.)
If you are interested DM me on Discord. Oh and also i suggest you to make a fresh email
I w a n ø w L 9 - [ ファック・ラブ ] -#5327

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nice bro

you say "just skin changer not lower the trust factor, all cheat feature (aim ,wallhack…) lower the trust factor for changing files in the game
it is true

That’s not how it works lol

how? i dont understand

Your tf is mostly affected by reports / commends etc.
If youre obviously cheating - youre getting reported and you tf goes down.
Commendations, on the contrary, increase it.

This is the most basic explaination, i think theres a lot more factors like your performance ingame, overwatch decisions etc.

nice idea!