SPIRTHACK REVIEW - Global Elite 400 hours

I’m here to review the spirthack cheat after playing 400 hours and reaching GE rank with it.
This is a legit cheat that can used in your games whether it’s Prime or Nonprime.
I want to say that this cheat is insane for it’s price, I never had issue or fps drop with this cheat rather than others like novi that would crash.
The customization is good, you can have any playstyle and still be good at the game, whether i am against cheaters or legits players.
The fact that the menu is so well made I managed to be familiar with it within the same day of my sub, I dont face any issue with the aimbot it’s so flawless and legit, It literally feel like a normal player I never been accused of cheating even when dropping 40 kills on a map.

Now that I have been talking about positive aspect lets talk about the negative.

  • The Legit AA need rework it feel weird and alot of flicking.
  • The injection is too long, It may takes up to 7 minutes to inject I dont know why.
  • Sometimes when you change the wear of a skin, your game may freeze for one minute.
  • Butterfly animation sometimes glitched but not that often ( probability 5/20).
  • This cheat doesn’t have option for user scripting customization like Luas or javascript.
  • It doesn’t have automatic subscription once your subs finish so you have to pay manually.
  • Paypal not supported as payment method.

Thanks that was my review for the cheat.
Good day

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Good review, but:

  1. Nowdays its unreal to make legit AA that wont flick because max fakelag limit on Valve servers is 7t.
  2. Injection might take too long because of bad internet connection, usually it takes 10 seconds.
  3. Paypal is just currently unavalible, it will be avalible soon again.
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Thanks for the quick response I understand that legit AA flicks because of valve restriction.
I would like to have paypal in the future kinda unconfident about giving my credit card on that russian payment website.

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Hi, TinkOff and our other payment gateways are completely safe and used all over the world.

Don’t worry, also, PayPal will have no ETA for when we can bring it back. As we’re having a few problems with their company.


send your config


Hi, some of these issues can be related to your internet connection. Like, too long on the injections.

However, thanks for the honest review! :slight_smile:

Yoo bro, you down to share the config with us? :slight_smile:

Wrong section for configs :grin:

Hmmm this is not true, my injection lasts a max 25 seconds :smiley:

Sorry :grimacing:

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