Sup all mods, could you help me ?

So, I since I am 17y.o. I dont have any other way to buy cheat, I have my PSF card with 10€ I want to buy 1month sub. could someone help me with that ? thx <3

Sorry but you cant buy it via PSC

yeah, I know, but guy told me I should ask admins to transfer my PSF money to pp and bought it :frowning: so you cant help me ? :frowning:
btw: why isnt there a way to buy Spirthack through PSF ? that would be amazing for all :confused: so can you help me ? :confused:

We don’t accept PSC. There are many other payment methods you could try.

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Yeah but, what to do If I dont have pp / credit card ? / skins / and other things, just 10€ psc :frowning:

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We don’t accept PSC.