The cheat doesn't work on copetitive match or wingman

Hi, once i accept the match, send me to the main menu and show me abandon or reconnect, I tried to reconnect, but for nothing. I cannot play competitive or wingman unless I start the game without being injected. It’s a problem for a few days. I’ll send you a video if you want, today I buy the cheat again because it has expired. Thanks for attention.

Hey, I used to have this problem too. It’s not a spirit hack issue at all (at least if it is the same thing I had). What you might want to try doing is verifying your game files as you might be disconnecting because of that. If that is not the case, I don’t know how to help u. Hope your problem gets fixed!

I did what you told me, but it still disconnects me from the competitive match (“You were disconnected from a competitive match”) Abandon Reconnect. This is what I do when I have the cheat injected and I have to play without it to work.

Works well for me

for me not, i reinstall the game and nothing, porbaly cause i have win 7, i don’t know.