the game freeze and close

Hi, please try replacing your default config with mine:

Once this config has been added to the site, please delete the old ‘default’ config and rename this one to “default”.


i changed my cfg to “default” i hope it works

didn’t work

You replaced it with mine?

Are you using Vanguard?

I removed the vanguard,
you didn’t throw your cfg at me
made my own cfg name “default”

Here, sir.

how am i going to change

Hi, rename your old default config, then you will have no default.

Then, use my default config and rename it to “default”.

Then try to inject.

Thanks for helping so far I think this problem is hardware

I believe the problem will be solved in spirt v2

Hi, what are your system specs?

gt 1030, ryzen 3 1200, 8gb 2933mhz ram

Does Spirthack work when injected on another steam account?

Try using a fresh one and trying again, if that works I think I have a solution!

I used it on 6 different accounts, collapsed again…

Hi, can you show me your CS:GO folder contents.

Also, sorry for the delayed responses!