Hello Admin
Trigger Bot
How we activate the door and behind the wall trigger ?
How to arrange for a behind-the-wall shot

Hi, we do not have triggerbot set for auto wall.

ok so add in big update

Hi, it was already suggested, we will consider it.

Thanks, is there anything else?

There is also evidence that your cheating vac ban food, first the trust factor is red, then the ban on V.A.C comes

Hi, we are unsure of the cheat being detected. If a cheat is detected then all of its users will be simultaneously banned. Less than 100 users are complaining, this does not make sense. We’re still keeping an extremely close eye on it.

However, try keeping your trust factor good on other accounts, avoiding bans etc on all accounts, using other cheats can cause this issue too or any beta versions of steam or CS:GO.

Another thing, Valve/VAC may be storing trust factor related to your HWID/IP. This means if you have low trust factor for extended periods of time then you have a potential risk of a VAC ban (This does not mean any cheat has been detected).


then fix my trust factor because your cheating has dropped and you accept it, and in return, you just say “DeVeLoPER KNoWS ThE PRoBlEM, SOlUTıOnS IN UpDaTE” so your trick is vac.

1 лайк

:joy: :joy:

Hi again, hope you’re doing exceptionally well.

However, we already stated all of this information and made sure that you completely understand in multiple threads. We have already told to you that, unfortunately there is no ETA for any update.

The cheat is not currently detected, please follow what I have stated above.
We will always closely investigate these situations.

For now, we will close this thread.

Take care. All the information that you’re asking for is available via our Forums and our ToS and Help page here:

SpirtHack :: Terms Of Service :: Premium CS:GO cheat/hack - 1. Administration is not responsible for any in-game bans/suspensions. Products are used at your own risk.

SpirtHack :: Help :: Premium CS:GO cheat/hack - Is your cheat safe?

Usually our cheat is safe, but VAC developers can detect anything they like, there is no 100% undetected cheat in the world. Our cheat is undetected for more than 1 year.