V2 update

I really do not understand you. The cheat hasn’t been updating for 9 months and you’re still postponing. This cheat is really good but you are only interested in neverlose. You said the update will come this month. 3 days left to end this month. I am waiting for when you will bring it with concern. Your customers here are also important. Please bring the update within 3 days. and also with the new update you don’t need to bring the update if the nixware can’t hit the junk cheats like legendware.

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Yeah he is right. Do you give all your focus on neverlose now? When do you focus on spirt? Is this less important for you? I think update is really necessary or wiil we wait until to get VAC? I dont wanna anything misunderstanding but we are concern about that.

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Hi, we already told enough information.

It has not even been 6 months since the past updates. So I’m not sure which cheat hasn’t updated for “9 months”.

However, we have announced in the Discord, VK, Telegram, Forums that we are working on a big update and there’s not long left to wait.

Please, give us a bit more time! :slight_smile: We’re sorry for the wait.

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you still don’t understand what i mean MrAmped.
I am your customer for more than 1 year and I am not satisfied with your current service. Just bring your big update this month. You just say we can’t release an unfinished update. how it may not be finished. 3 months ago there were spirthack v2 beta videos thrown in there were features like dt hs and much more. and also can you say your real name mramped ?

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Hi again, hope you’re doing well.

Sorry but you do not need my real name. You can refer to me as Amped if it’s easier! :slight_smile:

Also, we’re glad that you are our customer, and we are still loyal to you. However, we cannot bring unfinished updates, this is unsafe and unprofessional.

There’s not long left to wait, we are working on multiple projects at once, but trust me. It’s worth the small wait!

Is there anything else we could help with or answer for you?

Can u tell as atleast the exact date of update so we know how long we have to wait?

well amped. I hope you did a good job. but please answer my question. will new features come to the triggerbot. autowall magnet etc. magnet is trigger with aimbot. and most important legit anti aim is it all right?

Hi there!

We cannot discuss any features or information about the upcoming update, we also do not have any ETA for when it will be released. But there’s not so long left!