VAC ban

I took VAC the same days without injecting.

If one user gets VAC banned for Spirthack, others should be banned too. That’s how VAC works. But we don’t see any other VAC bans, maybe because it’s not caused by Spirt?

I also got a VAC ban today

also all my accs not vacced

i get vac ban

  • I get vac and this is despite the fact that I haven’t played for more than a week. Used only spirt hack
    1 блокировка VAC |
    Дней с последней блокировки: 0

bye bye main acc…
bye bye 2500hours

I was not banned, what functions did you use?

I’ve seen some info about random bans recently
Check if it will be removed, and write here

According to my data, even some accounts on which cheats have never been used have been banned.

UPD: Untrusted bans also count as Game bans

Any VAC bans receieved are not from Spirt in the recent ban wave.
99% of our users are completely fine and only a very small amount of users are complaining.

Please keep in mind of what you’re injecting on your accounts.
If you want to know the cheat status you can check it in the loader or ask a staff member in our Discord or forums.

Thank you.

Also please make sure you make threads in the correct areas.