vac ban

i was banned due to infracture or linked account

I have no liked accounts and spirthack was the only thing I injected

Hi! Linked accounts can or may relate to:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Steam Guard Mobile
  • HWID/IP (There are rumours of Valve storing this information)

Can you provide more information?

ok I think wherI went wrong XD steam acount linked with email I hve like 5 vacs on email I used

So far I have used it on my other acout for about 2 mounths now And there is nothing just bad trust but that is from playing against silvers

Hi, no problem. I think I understand.

Is there anything else I could help with?

Cheat detected, used on old account, instant red + vac after 1mo, transferred to new account via number and also got banned.

Hi, that’s clearly because your accounts are linked.

Red trust factor or overwatch ban does not mean detected, as per already explained via our forums.

Most overwatch bans and red trust factor for extended periods of times will turn into a VAC ban on your profile.

Nah nigga, old account instantly got red trust after inject. I am not the only one experiencing this issue, you clearly are lying to your customers to avoid sales drops. You know damn well the cheat is detected.

Hi, apologies that you are angered, however we will never lie to or deceive our customers. If there was an issue we would immediately address it and fix it with viable information, as in the past you can check proof of this in the Discord, VK and Telegram, and the forums.

Do you understand how cheats, valve and their anti cheat work? And their servers?
We are explaining this correctly and efficiently. Less than 100 users reported an issue. If a cheat is detected, all of it’s users will be banned simultaneously. In this case, they are not.

Our accounts are safe and the majority of our users are safe, probably around 90%.
There are many things that go into cheating and Valve Anti Cheat and their servers, not just what is visible.

You can read even more information that was stated to you and that you should have read before purchase of any cheat, we store this here:

Let me highlight some key things to help you:
1. Administration is not responsible for any in-game bans/suspensions. Products are used at your own risk. - From ToS.

## Is your cheat safe?

Usually our cheat is safe, but VAC developers can detect anything they like, there is no 100% undetected cheat in the world. Our cheat is undetected for more than 1 year. - From our help/faq page.

We are always working on new updates and making sure our community is running well. And we are very serious about issues like these and we investigate them surely and thoroughly.

Please let me know if there is any more information you can provide to us or if there is anything else we could help you with.

Kindest Regards.