VAC ban


If Im using this cheat now then Im not gonna get VAC banned cuz its not detected.
But if Im not gonna use it anymore and like 2-3 months later the cheat is gonna be detected by VAC then Im gonna get banned too cuz I used it?

nope u dont

Nope, what happens is: when the cheat is detected, VAC will only apply ban to those using after that moment (moment it detects).
So if the cheat gets detected lets say 2021-06-20 you will only be banned if you use it from that day (2021-06-20) forward

This is not true.

Also, please provide screenshots and profile link. A screenshot with your mouse hovered over the red ban message in CS:GO.


I didnt get banned. Im just asking and it was a question its can happen or not.

Hi, the cheat is currently undetected and safe to use. You should never cheat on an account you care about.