Got a VAC last night. I’ve already lost over 300$ in skins. :(((

are u in low trust factor? I heard valve have banned many ppl becuz of it

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I was in low trust, but I wasn’t blatantly cheating at all, so Valve wouldn’t have any reason to ban me

Provide proof please.

  1. Profile link that is banned
  2. Sp_log.log from CS:GO folder, and sp-loader.log from C:\windows\temp.
  3. How long was you injected before you got banned

This does not make sense as there was no VAC wave within the past 2 weeks, and our cheat is currently undetected and you’re the only user who complained about this.

I removed the inappropriate words from your post also, do not spread misinformation.

Thank you.

lmao he fake

SPirthack Dont Leave Vacban