Vac Banned

Got VAC banned which is weird. Got it 2 days ago, didn’t use this account for more than 2 weeks and last time I was cheating, wass about 3 weeks ago +/- (the day when I froze my license cuz I knew imma take a break was the last time). WTF?
Just reporting it. Used this cheat mostly just for skin changer and lil’ legit (chams, bhop, all soft toggles like esp world, c4 timer, grenade helper etc).
edit: seen few posts like mine as well, maybe some rare feature is detected or something?
Honestly, I’d rather expect overwatch griefing ban cuz I been doing it with ma friend, to get to silver but not vac lmao

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Hi, our VAC & Trust Factor related to security has already been updated.

You are the only users reported VAC (Less than 5).

This means that it is not related to our cheat, as if a cheat is detected. All of its users will be banned simultaneously.

Thanks! Take care, please open another thread if there are further concerns or issues.