VAC detection etc.

Hello, I have 4 questions

  1. Does it get detected often? I heard that it does
  2. The cheat gets deleted after every injection, i suppose this is because of the VAC detection, but does it truly delete or move somewhere? I know this is a stupid question, but i am a person like this, afraid of everything :smiley:
  3. Will the cheat ever get Jumpbug assist?
  4. After the new update today, did you do something to the secure mode or what is it called? Because my MSI Afterburner OSD works in-game, but secure mode should block it

Sorry if I am annoying, and thanks for the response :smiley:

Hi. i only can answer to 1 & 2.

  1. I played multiply month with this cheat i never got banned or the cheat got detected.
  2. The Loader gets deleted every time u inject.
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Hi, hope you’re doing well!

  1. No, the cheat is currently undetected, we actually just recently updated our loader security along with adding a trust factor bypass that works on only new accounts
  2. It truly deletes itself
  3. We do not have information about future updates, however, it could be suggested.
  4. What do you mean?


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Do you know MSI Afterburner? It’s a program, you can monitor temperatures and usage of your PC like GPU and CPU temperature, and it’s like an overlay in-game, but when they added trusted mode to csgo, the overlay didn’t work, and now the overlay with this cheat works, did the cheat disable trusted mode itself? This isn’t like serious or something, i am just wondering. And one last question, after cheating, can i go on my main legit without the risk of being banned even if the cheat was detected? If some trace or some injector is running in the background, i know its bullshit, but i don’t wanna lose my medusa :smiley:

edit: if a pc restart or something is required to close the cheat completely, probably bullshit, asking just in case, i dont wanna risk getting banned with skins on main

Hi, the cheat will bypass it I think.

The cheat unloads if you close the game.

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